Dress Code and Gear

Links are provided for examples. Exact products are not required.

Girls' Ballet:
Boys' Ballet
Pointe Shoes (point class only)

Prior approval is required.
Please make an appointment with an approved boutique and schedule with me so that we can attend together in person or virtually. I recommend Liesl Danwear in Woodbridge, Barre and Pointe in Leesburg, VA, and I hear good things about Footlights in Frederick, MD. Please contact them in advance regarding appointments.

Adult Ballet

Don't let attire be a mental or physical obstacle to attending class! Wear anything that you would be comfortable in while moving and stretching. It is helpful if clothing is not too baggy so that your alignment can be seen. Many adults wear leggings and an athletic top.
Leather or canvas ballet slippers. Reputable brands are Capezio, Bloch, Sanshas, and the affordable Stelle